You Can Call Me Crazy Pants


I've either hit the jackpot in terms of 70s polyester, or I've gone bonkers.  Whatever it is, I'm loving it!!!  I assure you I haven't joined the circus or anything.  I just have a huge affinity for bright orange pants.  Especially ones with huge bell bottoms.  I kid you not, I nearly cried when I found these poor lonely pants in the thrift store for a mere $1.  Lets just pretend I didn't spend an additional $17 getting the zipper put in, shall we?  Otherwise, my ulimate thrift find won't feel as much of a steal.


In order to up the ultra cool 70s vibe, I put on my polka dot blouse and a vibrant yellow belt.  Oh and those same leopard print shoes from my last outfit came into play too.  Something about a peek-a-boo leopard print with polka dots just seemed right to me.


Now here's the real question.  Do you think I can get away with this look while working in a bank?  I mean, it seems appropriate for a work office about 40 years ago, but something tells me it may seem a bit costumey or something. 


Blouse, Pants, and Belt, Vintage
Leopard Print Pumps, ALDO
Bracelet, My sis'