Top 10 Fashion Blogger Poses

(photo by Hanneli)

No matter how you twist and turn it, we all stike a pose, or do we?  For some it's all about looking effortlessly and natural while others really mastered the art of the pose. Look and learn ;)

1) Chicmuse

There can only be one Chicmuse and that's Denni, I absolutely adore her looks and yes her signature poses, brilliant!

2) Fashion Toast

The inward foot, her big step and the hair twisting, and this are only a few, love Rumi's poses!

3) Hanneli Mustaparta

Hanneli likes to walk.

4) 5inchandup

The first photo is my all time favorite from the fashion blogs.
Sandra's "now you see me now you don't" looks are pure perfection!

5) Le Blog de Betty

Everything looks so perfectly wonderful and natural!

6) Elin Kling

Love the effortlessly grungy pose.

7) Eleonore Bridge

... tells a story.

8) Alice Point

Her not-posed looks are really good, I guess these are taken in-between "poses" or the whole pose part is just skipped all together!

9) Love Aesthetics

All the details make this blog so good and the same little details make the poses so addictive!

10) Wish Wish Wish

I just Wish I could strike a pose like Carrie!
These do look very posed and they don't at the same time. It's probably because they fit the looks, the photography and the blog so well!

11) Kayture

Kristina likes the classics and does this very well.

12) Grand Theft Thrift

This blog is such good inspiration for looks and yes.. poses!