Red Cup

Yesterday marked the start of Starbucks festive season and being the complete nerd and fancy flavoured coffee lover that I am this made me more excited then necessary. I indulged in a skinny creme brûlée coffee, after work and then today being my birthday eve (coined this!) I was treated to a day of seeing tin tin at the cinema, a praline mocha from Starbucks (a new favourite) and a pretty dress from H&M. I only got home about an hour ago and was planning on going to a fireworks display, I mean it's a perk of being born on bonfire night and I do love a good bang (oh er) of the firework variety ahem, but to be honest I just couldn't really be bothered... Still feeling a bit mucusy. Which is lavly, so I'm feeling a face mask, I seem to be spotty central right know :( a bubble bath and Karl Pilkington on Idiot Abroad tonight!