Dutch Fashion Awards 2011: inside report

Made my way to The Hague yesterday, to visit the Dutch Fashion Awards 2011. A big award - in an even bigger church - that opens doors to Dutch designers. The show was interesting and luckily I managed to switch seats with a friend so I got to take some decent pictures! Big winner of the evening was Conny Groenewegen, with a knit centered collection.

What are you looking at?
1) Me and the girls
2 - 6) Iris van Herpen, last year's winner
7 - 8) Ado Les Scents (winner Dutch Fashion Incubator Award)
9 - 11) Conny Groenewegen (DFA 2011 winner and International Fashion Incubater Award)
12 - 14) Lovely Joline Jolink
15) Conny Groenewegen and Lauren Verster
16 - 17) Marcha Huskes
18) Main stage
19 - 24) Avelon (my favorite collection)