All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go


Hello Monday!!!  Bye-bye weekend.  It was a pretty low key weekend for both Zach and I, but that doesn't mean I can't get dressed up.  Faux fur collar, check.  Mini 60s velvet dress, check.  Super crazy high platform clogs, check!!  Yeah, I basically dressed up like this to read a huge stack of magazines while doing laundry at my parent's place.  There's never anything wrong with getting a little more put together for absolutely nothing, right?  Oh and don't you love this necklace?  I received a gift certificate via Morgan's blog to Tree and Kimball and bought this pretty lace necklace but I had a hard time finding the right thing to wear with it.  I wanted it to be a focal point in the outfit so I chose this dress with a high collar and it became to the perfect way to wear it.

So I was in serious need of some heeled black shoes, no thanks to my sweet little angle, Archie.  He managed to chew up 2 pairs of my black heels that I would wear in the winter.  I can't really blame him though.  I left them out in the living room.  Anywho, I needed new shoes.  Instead of going the super boring and basic route I decided to look for a shoe with a little more architectural inspiration.  Then I came across these on Piperlime!!!  Sold!!  I can't even begin to tell you how much I love these thick platform shoes!!  Although, when I wear them I instantly become taller than my dad and Zach.  haha!! 


Oh and if you've never ordered from Piperlime, let me tell you how great it is.  Usually if I want free shipping in 3-5 days I go with Zappos, but their site is really cluttered and unorganized.  So I went to Piperlime and became enamored with the clean layout of the site and the awesome options for certain budget ranges.  Oh and the packaging is fabulous too.


Coat and Dress, Vintage
Tights, JC Penney
Clogs, Piperlime