To some this might be boring but to me this is a collection of silly, pretty, interesting and funny things on display. It seems very minimalistic in this picture, but in reality I have too many of these kinds of scraps. I still need to learn how to curate my junk and to choose what to display and what to put away.

No 1.A small black and white image of insanely long Japanese hair that has been moved around the house, it has hung on the toilet door, above my desk, on a mirror and has now ended up on a glass picture frame. It's a miracle that the disgusting old tape still sticks.

No 3. A brilliant portrait of Gaga in one of her spikey attires drawn by my daughter Lois in less than two minutes. Take a look at those fierce fierce eyebrows!

No 2. Aren't cats supposed to be agile hunters, who can easily and elegantly walk on high narrow surfaces? Our cat defenitely is not one of those. The clumsy animal dropped this what used to be a glass frame, and turned it into one of those interpret-it-in-your-own-way art works.