Top 10 Fashion Blogger Boyfriends

(photo by Alice Point)

They photograph, support, have their own blogs and websites.
But most curious I was about how these couples would compare to their Hollywood counter parts! In names that is! 

We all know how Jennifer and Ben affleck became known as Bennifer and Brad and Angelina were renamed Brangelina.

So find out who Mattolina, Jametina and Richara are!

1) Colin Sokol (fashion toast)

I am a big fan of Colin's photography! and Colin and Rumi must be the most known couple. Colin + Rumi = Rulin

2)Mathieu Lebreton (Le blog de betty)

Mathieu and Betty are awesome together and Mathieu must by far be the most stylish guy in France! His website Daaamn is an Must read!
Mathieu + Betty = Bethieu

3) Mattias Swenson (Fashion Squad)

Mattias and Carolina become Mattolina!

4) Bobby (Keiko Lynn)

When making this post I found out that Bobby has quite the following on tumblr sites! Bobby + Keiko = Bobko 

5) Richie (The Blond Salad)

Maybe the most featured boyfriend on the blogs is Richie!
Chiara + Richie = Richara

6) Tomasz Rynkiewicz (Alice Point)

This is just such a great couple! Tomasz + Alice = Tolice

7) James Vyn (Kayture)

Definitely the new power couple on the block, and besides taking gorgeous photos of Kristina James has an awesome style as well!
James + Kristina = Jametina

8) Daniel Troyse (Carolines Mode)

The power duo behind Carolines Mode and Stockholm streetstyle! Daniel is one of the best street style photographers!
Caroline + Daniel = Danoline


9) Tony Stone (Adeline Rapon)

These two are just awesome! I just became a big fan of Wolves & Bucks! (lifestyle photographs)
Adeline + Tony = Toline

10) Geoffrey Fuller (Cupcakes and Cashmere)

Geoffrey is the guy who gets to eat and taste all of Emily's delicious recepies and meals, must be one of the luckiest guys walking this earth!
Emily and Geoffrey = Geofly

11) Unnamed Boyfriend(?) Karla's Closet