Giddy Good Time Feeling


When the weekend comes around, don't you get that giddy good time feeling?  I mean, if you work a Mon-Fri 8-5 type of job, right?  Anyways, weekends can either be super fun cool time or dull with a plethora of chores.  This weekend was the super fun kind. 


I met up with my friend Brittany early in the day to hang out and do outfit photos for our blogs.  Then it was time to head up to the grocery store to buy ingredients to make the most awesome PB&J cookies on this side of the universe!  Seriously, they were super yummy.  After an early afternoon of baking I went back home to help Zach with chores and whatnot and then we left the apartment to enjoy a dinner with  Brittany and her husband.  The food was amazing.  Then it was off to the movies to see Crazy, Stupid Love.  Call me crazy but I found Steve Carell to be way sexier than Ryan Gosling ;)


Oh and tidbits about my outfit.  I awoke to a gloriously beautiful fall day and what gets me excited for fall is layering!  So I layered some comfy funky tights under the new cool shorts I got from ASOS.  Ok, can I just tell you how fabulous their shipping and ordering process is?  It's fast and free!  Can't get better than that.  Oh and the quality is top notch as for the things I got. 


Chambray Top, Thrifted
Shorts, ASOS
Belt, UO
Wedges, Modcloth
Tights, Target