I'll give you one guess as to who I am?  Come on!! I know, you know!  ...give up?  Yeah I don't really know either.  I just went to work in my most fall appropriate 50s dress while wearing a crinoline to up the ante as far as 50s era fashion goes.  I was also sporting a cute little apron, but I accidentally took it off before the photos.  Doh!!  So I guess you could say I was dressed up Laura Petrie from the Dick Van Dyke show.  Either way I liked my outfit. 


So I hope your Halloween weekend was a monster mash of fantasticness!!  If you checked out my Facebook page then you saw all the happenings going on in Richmond for a mini blogger meetup.  It was a blast getting to know some Virginian bloggers and eating tons of fondue.  Our hostess, Marleigh, was fabulous scary looking housewife. 


I hope you had a Happy Halloween!!!  I'll be buying my sh*t ton of discount candy from the drugstore tomorrow.  It's fun that way:)


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