Wishy-Washy Thrifter


It seems to me that I have a favorite sweater for this beautiful autumn weather!  And to think I almost didn't buy it!!  When I start to have second thoughts about putting a garment back on the rack, that's when I know I have to buy it.  Usually that's the opposite of what most people do/should do, but I find that if something makes me think that hard, then chances are it will make me happy.


Another delight to my wardrobe is this incredibly vibrant blue nylon skirt.  I found this ages ago in UO, and wore it once before the zipper busted on me.  After many weekends of forgetting to take it to the tailors, I finally remembered!!  Voila!! I have my skirt again!  I love my tailors.


So onto a completely unrelated note, but have you any thoughts on what you'll dress up as for Halloween?  I know not everyone is into Halloween, but I'm pretty much a junky for it.  I love the spooky movies, (more like child friendly Halloween movies or creepy suspense films ) the candy, the parties, and the food.  Anyways, I finally decided on who I will be and I can hardly wait!


Vintage Blouse & Cardigan, Thrifted
Skirt, UO
Dolce Vita Oxfords, Target
Tights, Kmart