I finally got a chance to head to some galleries. The V&A (The Power of Making exhibition) being one of my favourite places in London, I've been so many times before and I always find something that fascinates or inspires me. I hadn't been to The Natural History museum in ages either and as they're only 2 minutes away from one another, I thought it would be silly not to just pop inside (I forget how many school children go on trips there daily...) I really do love South Kensington, especially on a rather brisk, chilly, autumnal but crisp sunny day all wrapped up under my faux fur leopard coat and multiple layers. They were even starting to build the beginnings of the ice rink which will be situated in the Natural History Museum grounds starting November 4th... I say it every year but I do actually really want to go skating in London, how festive even if it will end up with me on my arse. 

I was particularly eager to go to the Degas exhibition at The Royal Academy. I've been a fan of Degas' pretty and romantic style ever since I studied him at school (those days of artist research...) His studies of movement and the human figure in motion is captivating. The exhibition was stunning, as expected. I took my sketchbook along just in case as the whole 'no photography' rule stands in place, I did some really rubbish squiggles and then remembered that I hate standing and drawing, so Mr sketchbook reverted to being back in my satchel. 

Other then visiting some exhibitions we also went for Mexican food, visited my new favourite shop (which I discovered Saturday night whilst a little tipsy) Ho! Panda in Leicester Square, Trocadero centre. Unfortunately you're not allowed to take photos in there otherwise I so would have and this post would have been full off the black and white furry cub cubs. My Mum ended up getting for my birthday a phone case and a little ring but I want be receiving them until the 5th obvz. Composing mental wish lists in Selfridges (another of my favourite places) and making my soul cry with lack of funds.