This chick's got style completely re-designed!

Hi everyone!
Clearly it was time to redesign To give it a more professional look and add a few fun touches. I hadn't been able to find a designer that completely understood my wishes, and then I found the lovely web designer Shay Bocks. I'm so happy with the end result. And that's mostly because she listened to my ideas so carefully and executed them just as I had imagined them. On top of that, she made it happen in the blink of an eye. Thanks Shay!

So tell me what you think! I'm still tweeking a few things. (Most images need to be resized, but I'm stuck at university for the moment!) To me the blogrol makes things a bit crowded, so I might remove/replace it. But I know some of you like it, so let me know how you feel about that...
x, Yara