Vintage Jacket


These pictures were taken on a much nicer day last week when I was running around doing my weekend errands.  Today is not as nice, but at least the weather is damp and cold...just like a Halloween weekend should be.  Right now would be a great time to snuggle in the bed with the hubby and drink soup and watch fun creepy movies like Ghostbusters or Shawn of the Dead.  Instead we're heading up to a Halloween Blogger Meetup in Richmond which is just as exciting! If not more.  


Ok, so the outfit is my effort in making my jeans a little more cute.  I found this vintage shunken blazer at the local Salvation Army sale and was smitten with it's boiled wool texture and the fact that it came all the way from Austria was a selling point too.  I'm sold on anything with a tag that is written in some European language.  It appears to have been part of a uniform or something. 


Alright all you ghools and goblins, have a Happy Halloween!!


Blouse, Thrifted
Jacket and Hat, Vintage
Shoes, Target -3 years ago
Jeans, Forever21