Home, sweet home

After living in my apartment for four years, still in the same interior I bought when I was 17 or18 and moved to Amsterdam, it's time to change things up. I've collected a bunch of photo's that give off a vibe I want to recreate. These are just a few. By no means am I an interior design expert, but these are just some small pointers of what I'd like to take away from each image ;)

1) Mixing metals with wood gives a modern feel.
2) Use curtains to separate spaces.
3) Store your cutlery in pots and vases, right in sight
4) Hang deep picture frames for open storage (or to stall out favorite items!)
5) Seperate flowers often look more modern than a huge bouquet. I especially like them in glass bottles and love the use of lilac in both pictures.
6) Throw some vintage in there, so not everything is new and shiny. It often gives more character.
7) Decorating doesn't get easier than this. Unfinished business - like these lamps or pictures on the floor - has it's charm.
8) Collect personal photo's, inspiring editorials and special souvenirs on a mood board.
9) Hang a favorite piece of clothing on the wall as art - I do this with my favorite dresses.

images via Google