Waking Up Sunshine Sunday


Since I'm up sooooo early I thought I'd do a little blog post for Sunday and share my outfit that I wore a week ago.  I've had this vintage 80s (inspired Edwardian) blouse for over a month now and originally I had plans to chop it short and make it a cropped top, but my nerves got the better of me I guess.  I just couldn't cut the fabric.  So instead I thought it would look cuter with the buttons on the back opened up for some summery flair.  It seemed less "risque" too, although I may just bite the bullet and do the alterations anyways.  And I threw on the black jeans to compensate for the ultra girliness of the blouse...but I was insane to do that since it was nearly 100 degrees that day. 


The necklace I'm wearing is from Clydes Rebirth and I swear to you her pieces are extraordinary.  If I had more spending money I'd be buying one of her pieces every season!!!  This one struck my fancy because of all the little trinkets hanging from it. 


Blouse, Thrifted
Jeans, Thrifted ---embarrassingly enough, their Miley Cyrus for Walmart jeans
Hat and Shoes, UO
Necklace, Clyde's Rebirth
Sunnies, Forever21