Better Butter Battle


The other day I stared and stared into my closet actually thinking I had NOTHING to wear. I really hate that.  When my mind keeps trying to put the same things together all the time.  It's like I'm tapped out of creativity or something.  So I meandered through different blogs trying to find something that would inspire me and I finally figured out I could tie a button down shirt into a shrug thingy and call myself creative!! hahaha..well not so much since I didn't come up with this revelation all on my own, but you get the gist.  So there's the birth story of my outfit.


On another note I guess I can tell you a little bit about Starla's antics this past week.  That dog is testing my patience.  Normally we don't keep butter in the house since we don't eat it, but I had family over for dinner and thought it'd be nice to give them something to put on their bread.  Fast forward to a day later; I had left the butter still on the dining table and Zach and I left for a couple of hours.  We came home to a sick dog full of a near stick of butter.  She puked on our bed twice, on the floor and well you can come up with the rest of the story.  It was terrible!!!  She went to the vet and got an anti nausea injection, antibiotics, and a bland diet regimen.  She is on the mend and starting to get back to her old self.  Please, if you have a dog who is able to jump on a dining room table make sure there is no butter up there.  We found out it could've been deadly and I wouldn't have been able to live with myself if anything worse had happened. (Interesting Fact---1 stick of butter to my Starla is equivalent to if I eat 12 sticks of butter.)


ETA: Photos are a tad blurry due to the rain, but I still liked them so I'm posting them:)
Blouse, Thrifted
Dress, Ross
Vintage Hat, Thrifted
Vintage Shoes, Thrifted