Sweating Patchouli


Is it a dress or a top?  I think my friend Ashley told me she used to play this game in Forever21 or somewhere like that.  These are the clothes which you're just not sure whether its for a small child or a scandalous lady who enjoys having almost all of her legs exposed.  Take this, for what I assume to be a tunic, for example.  I picked it up in the vintage section at the thrift store and pondered for a moment if I could indeed wear it as a dress.  I could imagine myself wearing it as a tent dress with sandals and just soaking up the summer sun whilst sipping on a cool drink.


Sadly, this was totally not fit for being worn as a dress.  I was saddened at first but figured I'd go balls to the walls hippie and wear my biggest bell bottoms with it and some chunky platforms to bring out the late sixties vibe from the handmade tunic.  It worked to my advantage I think.  It was even a perfect outfit to wear in the 110 degree heat, because the clothes barely touched my body.


Anyways, that is the long winded story of my outfit.  As for the rest of the story, I wore this look out to visit my friend Brittany for coffee at this new little cafe called Cafe Stella.  Oh my goodness, I've never had such awesome coffee.  It was so so good.  I ordered myself a french pressed iced coffee (my fave drink at the moment) and a delicious vegetarian frittata.  And just look at the pretty set up they have!!  The eclectic decor was charming, to say the least.  If you live in Norfolk or in the Ghent neighborhood I'd definitley point you to Cafe Stella for an excellent brewed cup of coffee. 


Vintage 60s Tunic-handmade, Thrifted
H&M Bell Bottoms, Thrifted
Platforms, Forever21 via TJ Maxx
Plarn Bag, Plarn it All
Belt and Bracelet, Thrifted