To Agecroft Hall!!!


So I'm a history nerd.  The fact that I'm not a history teacher by now baffles me, but then again, being stuck in a classroom with a bunch of high schoolers terrifies there you go.  To absorb more history and culture I usually explore old homes and plantations around Virginia.  On Friday I made the spur of the moment decision to drag Zach to this amazing Tudor estate called Agecroft Hall , which was built in England in the 1500s and reassembled in Richmond, Virginia in the 1920s. 


Oh my goodness...the amazing things I saw!!  I only wish they allowed cameras so I could share all the wonderful Renaissance items that were abundant in the home.  Including English, German, and Italian art from the original family, family crests, wood carvings in the panels, and so many examples of how Paganism mixed with Christianity during those time periods.  Religion was a huge part of art during those time periods and they were still trying to figure out how to mix their ideologies of Paganism with Christianity.  For example, a live cat was buried into the corner stone of the foundation of the home to ward off evil spirits.  By the way, this mummified cat was on display at the corner of the home...poor thing.


Ok, so as you can see I am pretty passionate about historical tours.  Most people may have found it boring but I had a lot of fun!  The next part of the trip was enjoying the area gardens which were influenced by English courtyards.  Flower gardens, veggie gardens and herbs...all used for food or medicinal concoctions.  I loved taking photos in there.  It reminded me of the Secret Garden.


And my outfit was just something I wanted to wear to keep cool and comfy while still staying somewhat put together.  A sheer blouse with trouser shorts and a pretty sun hat made for a nice outfit while meandering through Richmond.  If you are ever in Virginia, I always suggests that people make their way to Richmond.  It's such a fun city!!


So if you're a reader from the US please have a safe and joyous Fourth of July!!!


Blouse, UO
Shorts, Target
Vintage Hat, Thrifted
Bag, from Plarn It All
Payless Shoes, Thrifted
Jewellery, Vintage