Lovely Lemon Drop

This particular summer has seemed to be all about sun dresses for whatever reason.  Maybe it's the hot humid air, but trying to get dressed in the morning has proved to be quite a chore.  I just can't seem to stay in my room and try on 5 outfits in the morning to see what I like the best, so I just throw on a pretty dress and put my hair up.  I figured I'd keep it a little fresher on the blog by doing some DIYs or alterations to my clothes so as not to bore anyone;)

This particular dress was once white, but I decided on a whim to brighten it up with some dye and choose a vibrant yellow.  Yellow is such a fun color and thankfully this shade doesn't wash me out too bad.  Although, to be honest, I'm not the best at dying clothes.  There are some parts that are a bit splotchy, so I may try to dip dye the dress to hide some of its flaws.  Does anyone have any recommendations on how to get a more even dye job?  I used boiling water in my large steel sink hoping to alleviate that problem but it didn't work.

Dress, H&M
Flats, UO
Hat, Forever21
Necklace, Handmade 2nd Hand