Harrro..Exam week.

I don't feel very good today, after a tiring day of nonstop exams. Yes NONSTOP =_=
8-10am General studies.
10.50am-12.20pm Financial Accountings
12.40pm-2.40pm Business Studies.
I kinda feel horrible at the moment. Worst thing is tho, I am coming down with a flu and I still have Management Accountings and Macroeconomics exam...But I know, tomorrow will be a new day and everything will be different :) I hope!

What annoys me is that WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME, I mean like why can't I get something at the first time when everybody else does, why do others only need like 1-2 exercises to understand the whole thing while MEEEEE.. gaah I have to do like amounts of exercises to understand a work. I hate this feeling that I've been feeling lately, it's like whatever I study never goes through and it makes me feel dumb....why am I feeling like this lately? *sighs*
I have been in a very moody mood lately, I get angry too easily and whenever I see or hear something that does not go to my liking or in a way insults me I would immediately confront the person/thing. I used to just be patient with people who insults me or say some stuff that I don't like but lately, NOOO,I just go around confront them. =_= (A little exaggerating but yeaah XD :P Don't worry I am still nice :P HAHAH) I know this is bad, it's very bad! I am glad I have not pissed off any of my close friends in school or else I would be friendless and all alone when I graduate. hehe =_=

Forget all that, I want this shoe. XD
Picture from Kurt Geiger website

It's amazing how a simple shoe can change my mood eh :P HAHAHAHAHAHAH
I shall get back when my exam ends. Thanks and a million thanks for still reading my really quiet blog. HEHE.

Been listening to alot of Amanda Seyfried's Little House.I mean ALOT =_= xd

Till next time xx