A Perfect Pair


At last!! I've found the perfect jeans of my life!!!  And oddly enough they're H&M jeans....which have never truly fit me.  So I've reached a milestone in my weight loss.  I judge my weight by clothes and when I put on a pair of H&M jeans and they actually fit over my thighs and button up, then I'm pretty sure I've lost some weight.  I've been on a steady diet (eating mostly vegan has helped a lot with this too) for over a year now trying to get to my healthiest weight, since over a year ago I started gaining weight in the unhealthy BMI area.  Anywho, I'm happy!!! 


And since these jeans are super duper flared I figured I'd go all 70s with my outfit.  I looked like a goon who just walked off the set of Dazed and Confused, but I didn't care.  I also thought I resembled Quinn from the show Daria.  And I'm not too proud to admit this.  People called my Quinn in high school.  Based on my looks, not my character.  I had blonder hair and wore clothes like that to school and may have been a bit of a scattered brained idiot at times.  Instead of blond moments my classmates called them "Emily Moments".  Hahaha...funny classmates. 


Flower Power Tank, 2nd hand
Jeans, H&M
Wedges, Friendly Fox Vintage
Vintage Necklace and Hat, Thrifted