Brightly Embroidered


Yay for the weekend!!! Nothing gets me more excited then a couple of lazy days to just do what I want to do.  Yesterday I went to Target, did some grocery shopping, cooked and baked a lot, took the dogs for a long walk, watched Robin Hood Men in Tights (Mel Brooks is my favorite) and spent time perusing the internets.  All in all, very productive:)  Today I plan on doing some laundry and refurbishing a mid-century lamp and shade. 


So I was out thrifting a few months ago and happened upon this spectacular vintage Mexican embroidered dress for a mere $1.50.  It was long and dowdy, much like the rest of them, but I found potential in making it something cute and fun for summer.  It'll only took me 3 months to remember to sew it!! (note the sarcasm since I totally forgot about this dress till I found it in the bottom of closet).  I really love it!!  The bright colors really pop against the white and the dress is made with the most breezy and comfortable fabric.  I threw it together with a red vintage tooled leather belt and these cute summer sandals.


Vintage Dress, Thrifted
Sunnies, UO
Sandals, Target