Summer Nights

This is something I have never posted on this blog... NIGHT SHOTS!
It is a nice little change from the regular back drop that I use and I quite like
the way it turned out. I'll admit that this wasn't done on purpose, but rather
because I was super slow getting ready to go out that night, as usual! Anyways,
I wore this outfit one Friday night getting drinks with some friends. It is difficult
to tell in photos, but these pale pink shorts are actually leather! The first pair of leather shorts
that I own, and I am absolutely hooked. Can't wait to start wearing more in the fall.
Also I have grown quite obsessed with this denim jacket as of
lately. Anytime it is cool enough to wear it at night I always throw it on. Seriously,
it is hard to not feel like a cool kid in leather & a jean jacket.

Well I hope you all are enjoying your Friday and have a lovely weekend!


Follow Flashes of Style

wearing: jean jacket c/o Calico
shorts c/o Hallelu
tank- Urban Outfitters
Sandals- Dolce Vita
necklace c/o It's Not Her It's Me
bag c/o LuLu's