VIDEO | DIY Backseem Tights

music: The chemical brothers - Where do I begin

What you´ll need:
a pair of nude sheer tights (or whichever color you like)
a pair of black opaque tights
a fabric marker or permanent marker

Laying them down or stretching them out won't work.
To be able to draw on your pantyhose the easiest thing is to do it while wearing them! Wear a pair of opaque black tights underneath so that you won't be sketching on your legs. I used a fabric marker that I found at a toystore for a few Euros but a regular permanent marker works just as good.

Other drawings
Possibilities with this DIY are endless, with it you can draw anything on your pantyhopse. I still get questions about a post I did one and a half year ago about a pair of nude tights on which I had not only drawn a backseem but also a front seem and some knee pieces. Finally, the tutorial is here!