VIDEO | Phillip Lim: Menswear fw 11

The men are walking towards something, it seems that perhaps they are going to meet eachother and so suggests the anticipation building music. After they walk through a concrete landscape of perfect lines, shadows geometrical shapes their paths finally cross accompanied by a delicate piano tone. That was it. An unexpected anti-climax-climax that delivers me goosebumps every time I watch this.

This being said, I must now share the vulgar materialistic feelings that this video also evoked; I need that mono grey ensemble + shoes and bags.

Phillip Lim: Weavers
The Designer Shares A New Menswear Film

A portrait of the urban man on the move, today's film Weavers, was conceived by the designer as a follow-up to his fall 3.1 Phillip Lim menswear show. “It’s just three strangers going about their day,” he says. “They cross paths, and feel a kindred spirit because of the way they dress.” The short was shot in Palm Springs by San Francisco-based photographer and filmmaker Andrew Paynter, and its title is a nod both to the artisanal tapestry and rug-making techniques Lim drew upon for his collection, as well as the elusive nature of the models pictured threading in and out of shadows. “We’re always trying to get a mental picture of the man we’re designing for,” he says. “But he’s a little bit of a mystery; we only get glances. This film is our attempt to capture that experience of seeing someone in snatches.” We asked New York-based Lim to demystify his urban summer essentials.
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