Part One: Kenya Diary

13 - 17th Septemember.

We arrived in Mombassa at about 7 in the morning, Arrived at the hotel to Welcome fruit cocktails served in coconuts. Palm tree, beach view hotel room. Sat by the pool, dipping our feeds, saw bats and napped. Went to a Welcome evening barbecue with more cocktails, was windy and my hair went everywhere, had dinner, met a lovely cat with the biggest eyes that I named 'Puss' as looks exactly like Puss in boots from Shrek, then went to bed early for a long refreshing sleep. 

First holiday injury = walking into a glass table, Meeting with Victor ('lovely jubbly' holiday rep man) booking our safari in town with JT safaris, Visited the supermarket, bought pineapple avado drinks, mister potatoes (like pringles) sat on the balcony munching crisps, having a bird cheekily come down on our balcony and helping himself, coconut ice-cream and milkshakes.

Excursion trip 'Jambo Mombassa' woke up bright and early, visited a woodcarving workshop/ camp really amazing to see all their work, so friendly and talented. Spent most of our money in the showroom, I bought a necklace, carvings and bowl, went to a market which was a tad scary, really busy roads too, Gem stone centre, Lunch on Tamara a beautiful Dhow boat, Then lastly Haller Park, where we fed giraffes, saw alligators being fed and a crazy mongoose. Also who knew giant tortoises were so cute and liked being stroked under their chins? Saw traditional african dancers in the evening, played bingo just for the lols and because we didn't want to win... guess what? we won (a carving that was heavy and had to be left behind in the end) 

To sum up it was a sunbathing, swimming, chilling, reading kind of a day.

Sunbathed, chilled and finished my book 'One Day' Before a trip to the barrier reef on a glass bottom boat to the coral gardens, Had to walk to the boat which is partly in the sea which we didn't know about... this was followed by moans from Lindy and another lady haha. Fed the fish some bread? Which they seemed to like, saw some amazing coral, held a sea cucumber (looks like turd) spider starfish and I also wore a starfish on my head, Afternoon repeat trip to the supermarket, stocked up on passionfruit tic tacs and water for our safari.