Vintage Accomplice


Do you have one of those friends that know you right down to the very shoe size you wear?  My friend Diane is exactly that type of person.  She is a thrifting and vintage hunting extraordinaire with an awesome eye for fun clothes.  In all honesty, I probably would've passed on this dress in the store, but she saw it and thought it would look cool on me.  She even sent me a picture of it and I told her I wasn't really a fan.  But she got it and I tried it on and it became a quick favorite in my closet.  She knew I'd like this dress way before I even gave it a chance...which is quite funny:)


The coolest part of this outfit is how many compliments I got just wearing it around work.  They commented on how pretty and bright  it was and also made notice of my hair.  They couldn't decide if I was in costume or not, but that's okay!!  I felt good in this outfit. 


To add some fun flair to my bright blue dress, I gravitated towards my pumpkin spice stockings I got from Topshop then I added some cute brown accessories to really punch out the fall time.  Did I tell you guys yet  that I'm obsessed with this season?  I swear that I better get a chance to go on a haunted hayride or something this October just so I can say I really experienced a good fall. 


Vintage 70s Dress
Stockings, Topshop
Wedges, Modcloth
Vintage Belt