I'm Back with a Vengeance

cute puppies

Correction!!  I'm back with a whole new member of my little family!!  And his name isn't Vengeance... its little Archie!!  Isn't he the cutest little ball of fur?  Well besides my Starla;)  They're both terrific friends...at least after the first couple of days of getting to know each other.  He was kind of a spur of the moment surprise, but Zach and I were talking about getting another pup for at least a few months.

shabby apple dress
vintage flats
straw fedora

Since we were going to be taking the pups for a walk to the park I decided to dress in a breezy cool dress.  I actually bought this dress from Shabby Apple a couple of weeks ago and I'm happy to say that their dresses are incredibly made.  I never promote something unless I can thoroughly back it up and I am in love with these dresses.  The color is just as vibrant as the site suggests and the fabric is great quality.  Anywho, I totally recommend them to anyone in the market for a well made garment that will last for as long as you want it to:)  And you also have your chance to win a Shabby Apple dress of your own!!!  Just click here to enter the contest!!

green and striped dress
summer day

And just to give you a little background into our new found pet.  We were originally trying to save a dog from an Animal Control (ie kill shelter) on Wednesday but that dog was adopted right before we had a chance to inquire about it.  The lady who ended up adopting that dog told us about a non-profit organization called Hope for Life and mentioned all the sweet little dogs there.  So we took off!!  His name was originally King and the poor thing was rescued by it's neighbor because King's original owner tied it up to a tree for 2 years!!  Poor little guy didn't even know what a house was!!  Or toys, or friendship or affection.  We fixed that fast and now he's as pampered as Starla. 

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Belt & Shoes, Vintage
Rocket Necklace, Kennedy Center---13 years ago