The Daily Ritual


Since my day usually involves work, eat, blog, and sleep I occasionally lose sight of some of the simple pleasures in my life.  One of those being Zach and my walks around our neighborhood after work with the dogs in tow.  We really live in a fantastic place with great parks and great neighbors.  The funny thing is, our neighbors don't actually know our names and we don't know theirs, but we all know the dogs names!!  Anywho, here's a glimpse into our evening:)


And this is my attempt at a shorts outfit that is trying to be a bit more dressy.  When it gets hot outside it becomes so easy to forget about style.  There is no desire to layer and you mostly just want to stay cool.  To remedy these desires to wear just a pair of shorts and tank I decided to make my outfit a little more preppy with my white button down and khaki cuffed shorts.  I think that did the trick:) 


And here is the gratuitous shit can.  I'm not really sure who did this, but it's a running joke amongst the neighbors about this trash can.  All the neighborhood dogs congregate at this huge field in the back of our neighborhood and this is the designated trash can for dog waste.  Isn't that cute? lol!!!


Merona Blouse, 2nd hand from friend
Shorts, TJ Maxx
Report Sandals, TJ Maxx
Necklaces, grandma's locket and NASA souvenir
Belt, Vintage
Sunnies, Forever21