I (really, really, really) Love New York


I am not kidding, I really fell in love with New York City! I think I was warned by about 100
people in my life that once I go there I would "fall in love" with it, so here it is from me, yes
I am smitten! The energy that this city carries is something so wonderful and I am so happy
I got to experience it this weekend. These photos were all taken yesterday while exploring
with Natalie, aka the coolest gal ever/my Manhattan tour guide. I stayed at her place too
where we had an epic sleep over complete with Blue Moons, Chinese takeout and a
traumatic experience killing a cockroach! She definitely was the one with the balls to
kill it haha. Can't wait to hang with this crazy girl again!

The outfit photos above
were taken by her in various parts of the city. The first ones were shot at Brooklyn Heights
which overlooks Manhattan. It was the perfect place to eat our breakfast, bagels with scallion
cream cheese (SO good!). We then did some more walking around Brooklyn and then caught
the subway to the East Village. Such a neat part of town! Grabbed some AMAZING Indian
food for lunch and then walked to SoHo for some shopping. Ended the day in China Town
with some yummy pastries. Definitely did not want to go home one bit!

Needless to say I cannot wait to go back! There is still SO much that I want to see in this city.
It is such a short bus ride away, so you better believe that I will be heading back soon! More
NY photos to come in my next post.


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wearing: top c/o Chicwish
Remy in 'Aztec' denim c/o Raven Denim
bag & oxfords - Urban Outfitters