I Am My Father's Daughter


Sometimes it may seem like my dad and I have such similar personalities we can hardly stand to be around each other...I'm kidding...sort of.  During my adoloscent years I was quite difficult and stubborn.  As stubborn as my dad actually, but in the end we always ended up seeing eye to eye. 

6-19-2011 12_20dad2_46 PM

I can trust my dad's opinion usually more than anyone else's and he's always been supportive of my decisions.   My dad gave me confidence to pursue the things that mattered to me.  That's the biggest gift anyone could have given me. 


In honor of my daddy I decided to post some oldies but goodies to my blog:)  I hope he doesn't mind I raided my baby album to get these fantastic photos of my dad from the 80s.  Can you see the family resemblance?