Summer is here!

Well, it's officially summer for everyone now(except for those who are in the southern part of the world :( )

I can say that I am A LITTLE excited about this but well I live in a country where it's summer all year round, ehhehe so yaah I need to be low profile about the excitement.
What I am excited about is that now all shops display their summer collection and the whole mood is summery EHEH.
+ Soon, everywhere will be jammed pack with loads of tourist, I know this is weird but I love looking at how tourists dress and guess which countries they would most probably come from. Just for the fun of it :) eheh

I am grateful to be here, with summer all year round etc but sometimes I do wish we had more festival going on during this time :D. Music festival, art festival etc.

Did you know, we actually DO HAVE 4 seasons in this country. The four seasons are :-
Very hot
Super hot and.......
Extremely hot. AHAHHA. My pastor said that during a sermon. EHEHHE :D

Wish I could put all this on for my vacation soon. EHHEHE

Can't help but love the graphic Aztec like prints from Mara Hoffman Spring 2011 RTW and Menswear. I know this year's summer is all about big bright bold colours but I am just drawn to these darker shades, the olive green and cobalt blue are just as lovely as anything and just a standout.

GAAAH! All these talk about summer, the sun the beach, bikinis and beer is cheering me up :D. Yes, I've been feeling very very very very x100000 emo and down lately, don't ask why, I don't know either, studies pressure? Maybe. Don't know. Am just glad that this post cheered me up :) hehe.

Pictures via Nymag

Ps Till next time xxx
PPs, Jaanipäev! :D ehhe