Guest Post: Emily

Well hello dear Daily Fashionista readers! We probably haven't met yet, but in any case I'm the other Emily and I write a little blog by the name of Nudgenick Loves Twinkle Lights. Like you I'm a huge fan of Emily and have been reading her blog for quite some time. So naturaly when she asked me if I wouldn't mind posting for her while she's off, I was beyond excited/honored/geeking out a bit. And to make things even more fun, Emily asked her guest bloggers to create a post that surrounded music. Sign me up! 

I've long been a lover of music and one of my favorite aspects of music is going to shows-- namely summer concerts. While I give totally props to fellow concert goers who trek out in the snow to go see a show, there's nothing quite like being at a show in the summer. I've really started to think that there's something in the air! Whether it's a show that you have to take a boat to get to (see Passion Pit @ Governors Island '10S), spread a blanket for, or a festival like Warped Tour or Lollapalooza, summer concerts have it going on!

I was so upset that I hardly saw a show last semester, so when I knew that I was going to be in New York City for the summer, I immediately started looking through concerts throughout the tri-state area. Just an aside, if you're looking for some good indie concerts, you must check out the sites Oh My Rockness and Eventful.  Last night I saw The Decemberists and Best Coast as part of the Celebrate Brooklyn series and they were both amazing, despite the rain.

    details: jacket} J. Crew, dress} Modcloth, belt} Deborah James, 
      sneakers} Converse, necklace} Jess LC, rings} Christine Mighion

While I love concerts, sometimes I find it difficult to balance looking cute with being practical. For example, at any concert you're bound to get your feet stepped on or insanely dirty, so what do you do? Wear those cute flats you've been waiting to pull out or pick canvas sneakers you've had for a while? Everyone has a different answer to this question and ones like it and while it's not for me to tell you what to do, I can say that in almost every case, I take comfort and function over something that might be a little bit cuter. I say this because I've made my fair share of mistakes and have cleaned many a dirty feet and I don't want to go back there! And looking cute and being functional is totally achievable, you just have to think a bit. Look at every piece you want to wear with a scrupulous eye and take into consideration the concert that you're going to (location, weather, length, sitting/standing/both, etc...). If you do those things, I know you'll make a wise decision. 

And we can take last night as the perfect example for how to pick an outfit. I knew that it was going to be at a park and therefore, I'd probably want to bring a blanket, all of which implies an outfit that is easy to move it.  Coming straight from the office totally impacted what I wore, so I decided to go with a very flexible jersey dress and sneakers, with minimal but impacting jewelry. Now because it was a park I had many other options for footwear. But when I heard that it was supposed to rain I went with something that I wouldn't care if it got wet. Now why didn't I wear my boots? Well I took a chance. I was coming from work and didn't feel like being in my wellies all day. In this case the risk was definitely worth it because we were sitting the whole time it rained and luckily Prospect Park did not turn in to the next Woodstock. 

Thank you so much for your time, it's been lovely!!