Summer Daze

Hello, hello! It is a little late, but here are some pictures from when I had the
pleasure to go to a lovely happy hour with Kim from eat.sleep.wear and Veronika
from Tick Tock Vintage. These ladies are just too sweet! Making my transition
into the city so much easier. The last photo is supposed to be a 'goofy' one,
which apparently I am not really good at. I look like this in pretty much all of the
goofy ones haha. Anyways we chose this street and I must say I fell in love
with it. It is super close to my house and is so quaint. I walk past it often and
get a warm fuzzy feeling inside when I do.

Well things have been pretty busy here in the city. Even when I there is a day
where I have 'nothing to do' I always end up filling it somehow. Also interning so
far with Urban Outfitters has been a great experience! It is totally cool seeing
all the behind the scenes work that goes into the beautiful images I lust after
online. Plus who can complain when you are surrounded by gorgeous clothing all
day? Not me.

I'm off now to catch din-din with Dylana from Color Me Nana! I've been riding
to work everyday with this gal and she is just fantastic. Hope you all
have a lovely evening!


Follow Flashes of Style

wearing: Urban outfitters skirt & sandals; American Apparel dress as top

photos taken by: Veronika& Kim