Guest post: Tieka

Hi everyone! Tieka here from Selective Potential! I was so excited when Emily asked me to do a guest post for her... especially on music! It's not something I typically post about on my blog, but music is a huge part of our lives. My husband has played in bands ever since he was 14 and I've watched bands ever since I was 14. It's just something we've always loved and something we're both really passionate about!

We also live in a great city that has an amazing punk community. We grew up with the most amazing all-ages venue, where we'd spend every weekend. We are also insanely fortunate to have the best record shop! I can't even count on my hands the amount of venues around here that we grew up going to!

Brett and I started a new band called Circle Maybe with some of our friends last November and it has been so much fun. We are in the process of recording now and have only played a few shows, but this is just the beginning of something truly wonderful. We've met all of our friends through shows and music... Brett and I even met through music! He was a drummer in a band... and I thought he was so cute, so I stalked him... and eventually got him to fall in love with me ;)

I hope you enjoyed my music-inspired post! It's one thing that I really love about Emily - our shared interest of music. We both love the same style of music and can talk about amazing bands like The Get Up Kids together! Hope she enjoyed her little blog-cation!