Hanging with the New Neighbors!!


So the other day I had the best time hanging out with my "IRL" friend, Brittany, who I coincidentally met through blogging!!  She's really so sweet and awesome!  And that goes for her amazing husband Patrick too.  They're just great people:)  Ever since they moved right down the street from Zach and I, it has made hanging out a lot easier. 


For our lunch date we went to the cutest little vegan restaurant called Path and just chit chatted about our life, moving, and of course how delicious the food was.  And we also discussed our new little additions to our families:)  She got the most adorable kitten Lorelie and of course I have Archie. And if you want to know more about Brittany check out her new blog All This Weird Beauty


And since we both enjoy style blogs we made sure to document our outfits!  I had a lot of fun trespassing into someone's backyard to do these pics.  To be fair, the fence was kind of busted so it was open to the sidewalk but still, I felt a little rebellious;)  hehehe..I'm so lame. 

On Me:
Red Gingham Blouse, Thrifted
Shorts, Kmart
Report Sandals, Ross
Vintage Handbag, Hummingbird Girls

On Brittany:
I'm not sure but she sure looks amazing!!  I really love her gold shoes!!