Picnic in NYC

Who doesn't love a picnic? Especially one in Brooklyn on a beautiful sunny Saturday. These
photos were taken on the first day that I arrived to New York. Please excuse the crazy frizzy
hair/lack of makeup... it was one long day! But honestly I was having so much fun that I really
was just carefree. Half of the photos above are from the picnic for the Philly/New York blogger meet up, like the donuts... YUM! I could not bring myself to eat a whole one, but I sampled a few of them and they were amazing! From Peter Pan's in Brooklyn. The meet up was fun and a lot of sweet girls attended! After the picnic, Natalie and I ventured around SoHo and China Town and
spent a copious amount of time on the crazy subways going back and forth from Brooklyn to Manhatten. Luckily we got a delicious slice of pizza with Garlic-y crust in between to make out journey possible! If you're looking for some of the best trends for this season, then why not check out Very.co.uk summer fashion and get some great ideas on what'll look good on you this summer.

So this was my last set of photos from New York, but don't worry... I will be back very shortly! Hope you all are having a lovely day.


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wearing: top, bag, shoes- Urban Outfitters
skirt- vintage