Unfinished Business

A portrait of Mila Kunis in Glamour Magazine that I've been working on recently. I haven't completely finished her eyes yet, I want to make the black lines not as harsh, add a little more hair detail and a little more finer detail between some of the lined patterns. I know I've done her eyes to close together but I only noticed this after I had started working the detail in. I still need to get better at the whole realistic drawing thing, practice, practice, practice! I think I'll do a series 'I don't swing that way, but... #notalesbian

I'm not going to lie, at the moment I'm having quite a hard time of it. Hence the lack of blogging (I finally posted the last installment of my Kenya photos and diary earlier today) Everything is kind of happening at once and it's all just heightening my emotions. I've been keeping myself pretty busy and luckily have a lovely family and supportive friends, including twitter and email buddies who are their to correspond with when not wanting such a face to face approach. I'm staying at my Best Friends this week which has been a welcoming distraction. Cooking dinner, finding notes that make me laugh, playing Just Dance 2 and Going to see Lion King 3D which took me back to being 4 years old again and seeing it for the very first time. It's easier said then done but I am trying to think of the positives and blessings.