Gooey Show of Emotions

wearing a floral mini

I wanted to take this moment to really really thank each and everyone of you guys who stop by my blog and read and leave comments!!  The first year I started blogging, nobody really took notice (mainly cause my pictures were crap) but once my parents gifted Zach and I a new camera and lens I really wanted to stick with the blogging and start taking it seriously.  It's been such a great journey for me and I've met so many wonderful people through the community in style/lifestyle blogging.  You all are the greatest!

wearing over the knee socks
boyfriend cardigan

"Now enough with the gooey show of emotions" (my favorite quote from Home Alone 2 btw) and lets get on with the outfit!  I wore this getup to do all sorts of fun things!!  The Art Fest in our neighborhood was going on and this is what I wore for day 2 of the festival and to see a friend's band play.  Normally I am into punk and hardcore but I have a special place in my heart for bluegrass and Two Dollar Band is a cool local bluegrass band that I love to catch when they're playing around town.  After that we headed with our friends to brunch.  I had a stuff french toast the size of my head.  It was alright.


The outfit was great for these types of outtings, but I must've appeared hookerish wearing over the knee  socks and a mini dress while gallivanting around our neighborhood on a Sunday morning. I kept getting disapproving looks from some of the parents with small children at the art fest.  Oh well!!  I liked it:)

dolce vita for target
leather bracelet

Dress, Forever21, gift
Socks, Target
Shoes, Dolce Vita for Target
Boyfriend Cardigan, Stole from Zach
Sunnies, Stole from my sister
Leather Bracelet, Art Fest
Bronze Bracelet, Hummingbird Girls