Today it would have been my Grandmas birthday. I found a lovely photo of my Mum and Grandma at Christmas many years back and decided it would be nice to give my Mum a little present to commerate the day. I drew her an A5 illustration of the picture, she seemed to like it... I hope she did anyway. Today we decided we would release some heart balloons with little messages attached to it which we had all written, we drove up to Epsom in the afternoon and let go off them on the downs and watched as they disappeared into the sky, it was really lovely. After being rugby tackled by my Brother as a spun around aimlessly (I like feeling dizzy) we decided along with my Siter that it would be fun o spin around 'til we felt sick and then race one another... and fun it was. 

I'm watching Merlin in my bedroom as I blog and I just feel rather lonely, I would love to have the energy and the right mood to make myself feel and look pretty, throw on a dress and head out. But my frame of mind isn't quite there... I think I need hugs!