The Saucy Print


Leopard print is saucy.  I always find it to be the most seductive of fabrics, which is why I often avoid it.  I hear my mother in the background saying, "That's not appropriate for someone your age" and ever since then its scarred me for life.  Until I came across this pretty leopard print skirt that was part of a suit.  Leopard print suit for the office is a bit much in my opinion, but I'll deal with just the skirt.  I paired it with my sheer chiffon blouse and my new pointy toe flats and then added a splash of blue in my necklace.  Leopard print is appropriate for my age!!!  Let's just ignore the fact that I'm 26 and I still listen to the fashion advice my mother would give me when I was 15.


Oh and sad news folks.  I'm afraid my next photos will be a bit subpar to my standards.  My lens for my Nikon got busted.  You may have noticed that some of the pictures have been a bit too soft and fuzzy. It will be about a week before I'll be able to use my SLR and will need to rely on my old standby Canon point and shoot.  But on the positive side I'll be getting a 50mm with an auto focus for the camera!!  I've been wanting one of those for a long time and now Zach and I are finally just going to get it.  It will be a super early Christmas gift to the both of us. 


Blouse, 2nd hand from friend
Skirt, Thrifted
BP flats, Double Take 
Necklace, Vintage Shop
Sunnies, Forever21
Parrot Ring, Modcloth