Ridding of Excess


Today was the day I realized I had way too many clothes.  Like WAY too many.  I'm sure we're all a little guilty of having too much stuff from time to time but I seriously had about four bags of stuff that I didn't wear anymore.  Most of it was too big since my weight lost (I wrote a bit about it here) and the rest was just stuff I had for over a year and didn't wear.  I do have a few rules for wardrobe turnaround and one of my most important rules is, "Donate what you haven't worn in a year's time".  I don't think I'll miss that stuff and I'm glad to have some space back in my bedroom.


While I rummaging around my closet and bureau I happened to come up with this outfit and I rather liked it!  Forest green tights, a cream colored blouse, tailored shorts and a nubby vintage cardigan were the perfect pieces for this cool fall day.  I wore this to the little cafe with Zach and then to the local consignment store to sell my clothes.


By the way, do you ever feel victimized when you go into consignment places and they seem to hate your clothes?  I was annoyed.  There were a couple of really great pieces that they wouldn't take because they were from Target.  As if what we have to offer in this area is so high brow that you wouldn't dare buy a Merona Collection dress (it was like $60) at a consignment store in Norfolk, VA.  They have a list of designers they prefer which includes Emilio Pucci, Chanel, and Gucci.  Um...we live no where close to Rodeo Drive.  Ok, so my rant is over:)  hehe..


Cream Blouse, Ann Taylor
Shorts, Target
Tights, H&M
Brogues, Steve Madden
Cardigan, Vintage
Bag, UO