In A Pinch


I'm one of those lucky people who works super close to work.  Like so close, I can walk home for lunch and enjoy some cuddle time with my pups while browsing the internet.  Fortunately, I can also use this time to change a whole outfit if my first outfit didn't work.  Or in the case that day, my outfit was totally inappropriate for walking to work on a blustery day.  The whole way from work I was walking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame because my dress would not stay down.  So in order to relieve myself of some embarrassment I had to find a completely new outfit to wear to work.  And so I came up with this.  All in less than 5 minutes.


I had a chambray dress with ruffles that just begged to be worn with tights and then the pop of red in my belt to add a waist to an otherwise shapeless dress.  Then my pretty vintage cardigan topped it off.  The scalloped design of the knitting was what drew me to the sweater and for $7 I couldn't pass on it. 


Oh and these photos were taken on a way to a date (hint hint for my new feature coming) and I made Zach pull over right before the final sunset over the Hague.  We love to take the drive through our neighborhood village in order to get downtown and it's so pretty during the sunset.  Do you agree?


Dress, TJ Maxx
Tights, H&M
Shoes, Dolce Vita for Target 2010
Red Belt, Sweater, and Ring, Vintage