How to Rock the Band T-Shirt


Proudly displaying the latest musical interest on my shirt was something I used to do everyday.  Seriously.  My senior year of high school I broadened my musical interest from that of bubble gum pop to other types of music that I would discover via friends and reading magazines.  There was a new world of music out there and I relished in it.  Back in the day I would blow my cash on shows almost weekly and then I would buy the t-shirt to make sure everyone knew about the band I just saw.


As I have grown older I've packed away all those band shirts.  They are faded and gross but still reminders of fantastic shows that I got to see at least once in my life.  This particular shirt is Zach's.  I found it rummaging around in his shirt collection and I convinced him to keep it for me.  Onelinedrawing was a show I remember most fondly because it was small, intimate, and his stage presence was by far the best I had ever seen.


Nostalgia aside, I wanted to show that you can style up a cute band shirt just as easily as a fancy blouse.  The key was to keep it on the casual side with roughed up leather flats and a vintage denim skirt.  To give it some style I added the felt hat (its fall doncha know) and then the elastic belt to make it cohesive and a bit pretty.  So think twice before totally throwing away your memorabilia from concerts past!! 


Go ahead and have a listen to onelinedrawing!!  Smile is a great song.

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