Having a Moment

vintage blouse

I haven't worn a pants look in a while and now I'm starting to get in the mood for pants pants pants!!  I'm searching for skinny cords, slim khakis, paper bag high waisted styles and other random looks.  I have a fantastic pair of pants waiting for me at the tailors and I can not wait to show them on the blog!!  Think Threes Company;)  They're that kind of awesome.  In the meantime, here's a pair of my standby skinnys with a nice vintage topping!

dressing up skinny jeans
vintage sweater
sunset photos

Oh and for the record, I am having a moment with vintage cardigans and sweaters as of late.  They have so much texture and more than likely they'll even be made with 100% wool.  Now all I need are some cute vintage sweater clips and I'll be a true addict!

 vintage brogues

Alright!  I hope you enjoyed a fabulous Monday.  My day ended with a trip to Moes for vegetarian nachos so it ended well, and that's all that matters.  

pussy bow blouse

Blouse,Sweater, Brogues, Vintage
Jeans, Heritage 1984
Belt, H&M
Vintage Coach, Beacon's Closet
Sunnies, Liz Claiborne