Top 10 Fashion Blogger VIDEOS

(image by the Glamourai)

Today's Top 10 is all about Fashion Blogger Videos! After seeing ton's of youtube vlogs and videos I think that having a good video is as important as having nice shoes!

What I discovered is that my favorite video's consist of the following ingredients; They are short and fast (cut and edit), I want to hear someone speak (even if it's only 3 words) I like to see more settings or camera views, I always like a short scene of the blogger going somewhere!(walking on the street, in the train etc) music please!, closets, clothing and lots of outfits! and the best videos always include laughs and quirks too!

(ps. you might want to watch the videos on youtube, steaming on my blog might be slow...)

1) Susie Style Bubble

The video is a little teaser from Susie's Monki Television episodes (see the full videos here, here, here and here) To me, this little preview is already perfect on its own! it's short, fast, fun and has Susie in it!

2) Style Scrapbook

Andy's YouTube channel is quite a must! I just love to hear her voice and see all the updates from around the world! Couldn't resist sharing her Monki Television Episode as well since it's just beautifully done and I always love to see wardrobes!

on Monki.

3)  The Man Repeller

Leandra just rocks. period.

4) Pandora

Just loving this video of Louise!

5)  Song of Style

This first video of Aimee is still one of my favorite fashion blogger videos out there! The 2nd video (as a matter-of-factly) is something casting directors like you to sent in (for tv shows etc)! I know this because I got this video attached to a mail asking if I could make a video like this as well!!

6) Bryan Boy, Rumi, Gala and Elin(?)

The video is candid, fun has lots of beautiful gowns and yes beautiful bloggers as well!
Bryan Boy's youtube channel is fabuleux!

7) Carolines Mode / Stockholm streetstyle

These short videos just make me crave for more!

8) Snow Black Blog

This girl really knows how to make good videos! I really adore the 1st video!!

9) afterdrk

The "bling" is just perfect!! (watch the video and you know what I mean!!)

10) Jazzi McG

Very good video's! I just love watching Jazzi! The 2nd video is just awesome but to be honest I would re-edit different music with it!!

11) The Glamourai

The Glamourai is just glamorous and that's why I love her!!
I really love the Coach video (Check out the other bloggers in this video as well!!)

12) Natalie off Duty

Natalie is just a real pleasure to watch, I love all her featured videos plus she and her sister really know how to sing!! (ps. loving all the mango video's!)

13) The Clothes Horse

Last but not least Rebecca from the Clothes Horse! Her music choices are so good and the sparkle of creativity make these videos a lust! This last video just put a smile on my face forever!