Girls and Gadgets

Last week I spend a whole day in Amsterdam, in a old warehouse/studio to be precise, for a Nokia video/interview shoot together with 5 other bloggers. 

I was kind of nervous because I was going to be interviewed about the Nokia Lumia 800 (windows smart phone) and unlike the tattooed dudes from the various game blogs I could not sum up all the technical details and specifications even if my life depended on it :) But maybe that's the very reason why they picked me :) 

I guess I'm all about having fun and my gadgets need to look good, don't fall apart and be very easy to use oh and to be clutter proof; (see the screenshot of my desktop).. the last thing in world that I need is my phone to look like my desktop! and here is where the Nokia interface (whoops I learned a technical term) comes in; easy peasy buttons/tabs that I cannot mess up (I just changed the color into hot magenta pink btw)

The magenta headphones are from Monster and I ended up wearing them as a accessory the whole day! (somehow the guys kept mistaking the color for red? it's the weirdest thing, like guys cannot see magenta?)

Anyway,  I hope I can share the video with you guys soon! and to give you a tiny heads up... it looks like I will be giving away 1 Nokia phone next week :)