It's beginning to look a lot like christmas...

Happy 1st of December, start of advent and the official countdown to the most wonderful time of the year. Before work this morning (only got tomorrow left now!) we put our tree up and I started to decorate it whilst watching festive films. I love having the house decorated, something about it which just makes the whole place look happier, homely and warm. I'm a traditional kind of girl, red, green, gold, holly and lights. 

Thanks for all the lovely and sweet comments on my post regarding leaving my job to concentrate for a while on full time freelancing and being creative to really push for what I want, you are all wonderful! I'm getting pretty sad now having to leave the people that I work in the department with because I love them all and they are great friends, I just can't stand the place and it's time for me to go for what I want while I can!