Fedora - New Look
Jacket - H&M
Nirvana top - H&M
Scarf - Ebay
Skirt - Miss Selfridge
Satchel - Topshop
Boots - Ebay

Really rubbish outfit photos but I thought it may get me back into the swing of doing outfit posts. These were just taking on my simple nikon so when I can get my sister to take using her digital slr lumix camera we should be in business! Not an outfit of the day but one that I wore a couple of weeks ago when it was still dead mild and was way to hot wearing a coat. I love tartan scarfs, my adoration started for them last year, I have this green one, two red tartan scarfs and recently just bought a yellow rupert bear style one which I love!

It was my last day at work yesterday, so glad to be out of that place and have time to focus on everything that I want to but I will miss all my friends there. Tonight I'm going out for christmas drinks/ leaving drinks with them all and I'm trying to decide whether to go vampy (red, dark lips, smudgy simple eye makeup) or 60s bardot make-up (pale pink lips with smokey, feline flick eyes) Give me your 2 cents! Now I just need to get ready to go to a christmas craft fair which is just down the road. What are you all up to this weekend?