Sexy Sweaters

(all images by Sexy Sweaters)

Now this makes me happy!
Sexy Sweaters is a Tumblr. website full of photoshopped, pop culture, pop art (yes you guessed it) sweaters!

As of now these are not being made and thus for sale, they are just images, but I do really hope they can bike around the copy-rights and produce these!

It actually makes me think about brands a lot in the way that they sell lifestyles and images themselfs to market the products. The whole day we are surrounded by these campaigns! But then as soon as a brand reaches the pop culture status they get really protective in the way these do find a "meaning" in our lives, like they copyrighted the way we should think, feel or use the product too?  My feeling is that when a brand has become pop culture or lifestyle (actually by meaning of their own campaigns) it should also gives us the right to showcase how these fit in our lives, no?

Anyway do check out Sexy Sweaters! and do let me know what you think!!